Temporary Location

Serving Your Family Safely

Due to a structural roof repair, we have temporarily relocated to 910 East Second (Winona Knitting Mills). We continue proudly serving families and are able to accommodate both services and visitations in our temporary location. We welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call us at 507-452-4241 for more information or visit our contact page to send us a message.


Be sure to check back here and on our Facebook page for updates on our progress.  

We are in the business of offering services and visitations that are a celebration of life by working with you to help create a funeral that is unique, just like the person being celebrated. With pride, we bring generations of understanding and commitment and an unmatched reputation for service and quality.

May 18, 2021

Carpet is being laid!! We are getting so close to the finish line. Thank you everyone for your patience and understanding throughout this process.

May 13, 2021

Painting is done and all ready for carpet, finishing touches and cleaning!

May 8, 2021
The new door is installed, carpet and painting in the next week! Things are moving along great and we are hoping to be back to Goodview around June 1!

April 9, 2021
The new trusses are in and the roof is closed back up! Now to just get everything put back together. We can’t wait to be back in our Goodview location!

April 1, 2021
The new trusses have been installed at the Goodview location.

Thank you to all of our amazing contractors who are working so hard to get this done for us! And thank you to our friends and communities for your support and understanding during this time.

March 11, 2021
The demo is underway at our Goodview facility! We really appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we work through this!


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