Andrew Hansen Andersen II

May 01, 1960 - Feb 04, 2020


Andrew "Drew" "Andy" Hansen Andersen II, 59, of Winona passed away on Tuesday, February 4, 2020. Andrew was born on May 1, 1960 in Fortuna, CA to Andrew Sr. and Clara Andersen. He met Rene' Parker in Winona. The two fell deeply in love and were married on February 12, 1993. He drove for Yellow Ca...

Andrew Hansen Andersen II

May 01, 1960 - February 04, 2020

Lyn Iversen February 17, 2020

Growing up with the Andersen's on Spring Street was great fun. They had the best family parties! We kids would play outside for hours and hated to be called in after dark. Andy did get into trouble a few times, he threw a coke on my car, he smashed some of our grandmother's garden flowers and he took Kathy's car one time. But he was a funny kid and we all liked him a lot. I had not seen Andy in many years but I can tell it is him in the tribute photo. We loved the Andersen's and always will. My condolences to his wife and family. Lyn Iversen (David and Terry's brother)

David Iversen February 11, 2020

I had the great pleasure and fun growing up with Andy on Spring St. in Fortuna, ca. Anyone that knew him as a child was well aware of Andy's wonderfully wild imagination. One of my favorite examples of this was an ongoing topic between 'Little' Andy and my Dad, Willard Iversen. One day out of the blue Andy said to my Dad "I went to the moon last night." This started a fun topic between Andy and Dad that lasted for many years. Dad asked "Are there people there?" "Yes" says Andy. Dad.."Are they green?" Andy.."No they're blue" No matter what question Dad asked he was never right. "Do they have two eyes?" "No they have three." "Are they tall?" "No, they're short." "Do they speak English?" "No they speak moonman." This answer landed Andy to his nickname as "Moonman" or "Moonboy". Dad's questions were endless and Andy always had an instant answer. I don't remember the year but as an adult Andy visited Fortuna and when Dad and Andy saw each other Dad asked Andy if he'd been to the moon lately. "Last night" said Andy and they were off to the races. So many fun memories. Thank you Andy. Your friend, David Iversen.

Hoff Funeral and Cremation Services February 11, 2020


Hoff Funeral February 11, 2020

Louise Andersen February 11, 2020

Andrew age 4

Louise Andersen February 11, 2020

Andy age 4 front right

Louise Andersen February 11, 2020

Louise (Sister-in-law)
Andrew was just a little guy when I started dating his big brother Tom. Every time I would go to their house Andy would immediately grab one of his books and bring it to me. He loved having me read to him. He was an adorable 2 year old.

Louise Andersen February 11, 2020

JerriJean (Niece)
Remembering back when I was around 10 years old… Often times Going to gramma Clara’s in Fortuna meant dinners or a party, or dinner and a party.
Grandma Clara would have nice shiny waxed linoleum. Andy and I would get together, takeoff our shoes and start running down the hallway. Right when we got to the living room we start sliding…… slipping in sliding underneath everybody’s feet around them wherever we landed. Oh sure we get hollered at. But we head back down the hallway and go for it again. woo hoo good times!
I also loved playing hot wheels with him. He had so many hot wheels. He had all the sweet ones. It’s no wonder he loves nice cars when he got older. I’d sneak off and go in his room and him and I’d be playing hot wheels for hours. I remember Sue coming in looking for me saying oh this is where you been I’ve been looking all over for you!

Chada February 10, 2020

Sean O'Quinn (nephew) said:
One of my most special memories about Uncle Andrew is from the time when my dad died. All four of my uncles came for the funeral to be a support for my mom. I was very upset about losing my dad. Andrew stayed up very late and talked with me. I really appreciated that time.
My uncles all lived in California and that was the last time I saw all of them at the same time. They helped me a lot.

Chada Parker February 10, 2020

Louise Andersen February 10, 2020

Lisa and Bob Brown February 10, 2020

CandleSorry for your loss RIP

Kathy O'Quinn ( sister) February 9, 2020

Remember when you stole my car. Took the keys right out of my purse. Went to go to work and I'll be damned my car was gone. Walked to and from work then who should drive by but my baby brother. I don't remember what you needed to do but you weren't hurt and neither was my car . I will miss you Andy tell all the family hello . RIP little brother love you I can hear your laugh from your sister Kathy peace and love❤❤❤❤🍻🍺🍺🍺🍺🍻 cheers

Chada Parker February 9, 2020

Jes Russeau February 8, 2020

Rest In Peace Andrew. You will he missed. You had one of the biggest hearts and loved your family so much.

Mike kreidermacher February 8, 2020

CandleI remember when all the guys at canamer would pile in my old van for break an Andrew was up front, an we would race to kt an back within 20 mins. While on that ride I would find the biggest puddles/ dips in the road so we could see how much airtime we could get. Everytime I found a big one an we caught air I’d look over an Andrew would be holding on to Watever he could An the whole time laughing so hard he could barely breath, trying to say slow down as I am pushing the gas pedal down more. Trying to see how high we could jump.
Good times gonna miss u.
An ur nonstop eye always watering. Lol
Till we meet again ☯️

Matthew Polus February 8, 2020

Love u tons uncle.....
Always and forever FAMILY!

Scott Nation February 8, 2020

Andrew R.I.P. buddy

Bobbi Paetzel February 8, 2020

My heart is sad and hurting for Rene, Chada, Little Andrew and the grandkids....Love you guys. HUGS!
RIP Andrew 💕

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