Rich traditions, proud history

Families have been placing their trust in us for generations. We have always made outstanding service our #1 priority and are honored to have served you for over 46 years.



In 1969 Lowell Hoff moved his family from Milwaukee to St. Charles where he purchased Sellner Funeral Home of St. Charles and Rollingstone. In 1983 Lowell’s son Tim joined him as they purchased Romnes Funeral Home of St. Charles and Lewiston. Lowell’s son Gary joined the firm in 1993; in 1995 they purchased Cook Funeral Homes of Rushford and Houston. In 1996 the Hoff’s merged with Burke Funeral Home of Winona. In 2005 the Funeral Home moved to its current location in Goodview and became the Hoff Celebration of Life Center, Ashley Hoff and Tyler Hoff joined the family business as third generation Funeral Directors and work in Goodview along with Katie Ryder.  Tim’s wife Jenny is an Office Manager and Certified Funeral Celebrant and Gary’s wife Sue is an Office Manager and Funeral Support Staff.

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